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There are numerous barbecue styles in the world and different regions come in a competition with their unique barbecue styles. But one thing that remains unchanged is barbecue lovers' hunt for the sizzle and smoke. The popularity of Korean barbecue is not a doubt around the world, and barbecue lovers' rush to Korean-style barbecue is hotter than ever. Korea's unique tabletop barbecue gives the perfect combination of tender and juicy flavor of slightly charted meat grilled at your table.


Hwangso Makchang delivers the highest quality barbecue experience in Manila. A variety of meat and pork with stand-out side dishes are the perfect formula for your lunch or dinner with friends or family. Hot-boiled Kimchi stew and Soybean paste stew, and our best seller icy-cold noodle are also a must try for gourmets. For meat lovers looking for the highest quality barbecue restaurant, Hwangso Makchang will never let you down with the best bite of Galbi and Samgyubsal.







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